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Opening date 12 April!!

Following the latest governmen announcement we are able to welcome you back into the salon from mid April and we just can’t wait to see you all - it’s been a long cold winter, but finally there’s a little bit of sunshine on the horizon!

Regarding booking your appointment, we are asking you to fill in the form on our main website page, this will let us know which stylist you’d like to see and what service you most need!

You will receive an acknowledgment email and your personal stylist will be in touch with you directly to get you booked in.

We are aiming to get back to you on or slightly before 6 April as we want to make sure that your appointment is going to happen - as one thing we’ve learnt form all of this is always to expect the unexpected!! We would hate to have to reschedule you all again!

So until then - keep smiling and keep safe - see you all very soon


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